Hello world!

I firmly believe that the first post of every blog should be an introduction of sorts.

So, hello to whomever is reading this. I’m Anna, a coffee addict and American college student who is curious about life and the opinions of people from all over world.

I thought the best way to learn about different opinions and cultures would be through asking the heart of the source: people. I plan to interview a numerous amount of friends who live across the world. Hopefully, through my interviews, I’ll gain a better insight about the world around me, and so will my readers.

The blog was created in hopes of spreading awareness about different lifestyles and how the way a person lives affects their morals or opinions. I feel like a lot of people, even me, get caught in our own “norms” and forget that “norms” are fluid and vary from culture to culture.

I hope that with every interview we all can learn about new perspectives and become more aware and considerate of said perspectives.

So, here’s to a journey of learning.

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